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(Australia) Brisbane: Disabled students STILL being expelled "in huge numbers"

Aug 26, 2017, Brisbane (Australia) Courier Mail: Autism: Queensland schools still expelling children despite review QUEENSLAND students with a disability are still being suspended and excluded from schools in huge numbers, despite a landmark review recommending urgent changes.... Another mother is taking legal action after her son, diagnosed with ASD and other disabilities, bounced between different schools where he was allegedly repeatedly attacked and made to sit in an “exit chair” in class. ... It found short suspensions, up to 10 days, for students with a disability was growing and hit close to 7500 in 2015 with about another 1500 long suspensions and exclusions given out. Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland spokeswoman Sharon Horan said the number of children pushed into home schooling, distance education and repeatedly suspended because of behaviour linked to disability was unacceptable. She said some schools were turning away students with ASD or making it so difficult to enrol parents gave up. …

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