(Australia) Adelaide: "Children as young as 11...seeking treatment for serious eating disorders"

Oct 28, 2017, Adelaide (Australia) Advertiser: Young children are desperately seeking treatment for eating disorders in South Australia’s hospitals CHILDREN as young as 11 and women weighing as little as 32kg are desperately seeking treatment for serious eating disorders in South Australia’s health system. The doctors and nurses working to save their lives say an “immediate” injection of funds are needed to meet growing demand. … The Statewide Eating Disorder Service is funded to treat people aged 15 or older but growing demand prompted clinicians, led by senior paediatrician Dr Diana Lawrence, to develop a paediatric service at the FMC in early 2013. … There are always about four eating disorder patients receiving treatment on the FMC general adult ward. The six beds in the specialist ward are always full and there is a waiting list. There are usually two or three children being treated in the paediatric unit. “They come in and they’re very unwell. The parents know something is wrong with their child, they see them fading before their eyes,” Associate Nurse Unit Manager Sandy Bridgland said.