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Atlanta, GA: Restaurant gets "sensory certification"

July 11, 2023, Rough Draft Atlanta: Humble Pie restaurant wins sensory certification

Ron Hsu and Aaron Phillips’ restaurant Humble Pie is officially a sensory-certified eatery.

The Westside Atlanta restaurant located at The Interlock joins the partners’ other endeavor Lazy Betty in having its Sensory Inclusive Certification from KultureCity, a national nonprofit that focuses on sensory accessibility for those with disabilities.

According to a press release, through the certification the restaurant teams learn how to recognize guests who might have sensory needs. Individuals with sensory sensitivities may have autism, dementia, PTSD, or other conditions. KultureCity provides the restaurants with noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards, and other tools for guests who may experience sensory overload.

“We strive to make all feel welcome at each of our restaurants,” Hsu said in the release.

“We’re honored to work with KultureCity to give more people the chance to enjoy dining out.” Individuals can download the KultureCity app before visiting the restaurant to see what tools are available.


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