Alpena, MI: "When a student tells a teacher they are feeling suicidal..."

Dec 26, 2017, Alpena (MI) News: AHS staff works hard to help students with mental health issues Mental health issues are becoming more and more common in schools and Alpena High School staff members want their students to know there always are resources available to them.... “We put a strong emphasis on training teachers and making sure that they know how to respond,”counselor Lori Vought said. When a student tells a teacher they are feeling suicidal, the teacher reports to the counselors and they take over. Bourdage and Assistant Principal Stephanie Hitchcock also help take over the situation because they are trained as licensed professional counselors. The school also has Alcona Health Center clinicians who are trained along with a school success worker who is trained at a different level. … Vought said AHS has a few suicidal students per week and it seems to be more of a common thing these days.