Albany, NY: So many kids have allergies; snacks banned on school buses

Dec 19, 2017, News 10, Albany, NY: Fighting deadly allergies on the school bus Nowadays, it is more likely than not, multiple kids at a school will have some sort of severe allergy that requires them to carry an EpiPen. Recent legislation that goes into effect on Tuesday allows bus drivers to step in when there is this sort of emergency. Starting on Tuesday, school bus drivers across the state will now be allowed to administer an EpiPen in an emergency situation. … Since so many kids do have food allergies, many schools districts have taken steps to ban snacks being eaten on the bus altogether. Yet, an emergency still could happen. “Working with the family to identify what the needs are. How we would respond in the event if there was an allergy. What specifically is that allergy and then we make sure to communicate that to transportation,” Rebecca Carman/Director of Policy and Community Development Since EpiPens are expensive, many schools might not actually have one on hand, but bus drivers are allowed to administer them to kids who do own one.

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