Washington, Mo: Therapy dog's "presence is calming" at elementary school

Nov 22, 2017, The Missourian: Therapy Dog Brings Joy to Clark Vitt Elementary …Xena, Eichmeyer’s specially trained therapy dog, spends every Wednesday laying with students as they read. Eichmeyer said her presence is calming and makes reading fun for her students, who are struggling with comprehension. … Eichmeyer said since Xena Eichmeyer approved to be at school the students and teachers at Clark-Vitt have embraced having Xena in their halls. She said teachers especially like Xena, as she gives them a break from the stress of the school day. “The teachers have said that when there are dogs in the building things are more relaxed and students are calmer,” Eichmeyer said. “There are a couple of teachers who bring snacks. It gives them a break from other stuff that’s going on.”…

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