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Live paint:Live paint and graphical interfaces are the new way to get your work done. Use live paint to modify existing documents or designs without leaving AutoCAD. Access and edit live paint using pen-enabled tablets, trackpads, and laptops—and even one-handed. (video: 1:31 min.)Create and edit documents with text and graphical editing with AutoCAD Tablet. With AutoCAD Tablet, you can access AutoCAD with a pen-enabled device and edit drawings with the touch of a button. This new feature allows you to draw, edit, markup, and annotate drawings from a tablet or laptop (or even your smartphone) without leaving the drawing window.Automatic Line Selection:Enhance your power to select. Select a range of points with the Automatic Line Selection tool.Smart Profiling:Learn more about your drawings using the Properties tool and show, name, and save your profiles. You can now track, manage, and recall profiles with the help of built-in personal storage.3D Profiles:Use the command to explore hidden shapes and create, view, and edit 3D profiles in the drawing window.Auto Add Cable:Automatically add cables to a 3D drawing.Leverage the power of AutoCAD’s powerful features and tools to create amazing, interactive presentations and reports. With AutoCAD Web Access, you can publish your presentations and reports for a live audience without leaving AutoCAD.CAD Export Presets:Automatically export presets to a variety of file types.Have you ever wanted to see how a CAD expert handled a specific drawing or design task? With AutoCAD Customization Wizard you can mimic your favorite expert and create a custom workspace and customization settings. Just open AutoCAD Customization Wizard, pick your expert, and define how you want to work.Add a Date and Time Stamp to a Drawing:When you save a drawing, now you can add a timestamp, specifying when the drawing was saved. You can also add an informative caption.Worldwide Alias Support:Work with Windows Alias files for a standardized way of working.Improved 3D Display:Manage your 3D models more effectively. Snap to a 3D model’s origin and constrain it to 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Updated-2022]

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