Woodland Park, NJ: Elem school adds "sensory hallway" to help with behavior issues

Mar 17, 2019, New Providence, NJ, Woodland Park School Creates Sensory Hallway, Movement Break Wall WOODLAND PARK, NJ - Charles Olbon Elementary School recently created a sensory hallway to provide students with movement breaks throughout the day when needed. Sensory hallways provide students with a positive outlet for addressing fidgeting, ADHD, sensory processing issues, stress and anxiety. … The staff anticipates that the sensory hallway will benefit all students as it will be both physically and mentally stimulating, as students jump, hop, high and low step, and cross feet around the sensory obstacle course. … There is also a movement break wall, where students can choose various ways to move such as yoga poses, stretches and mood exercises. Students follow the movements on the path they choose, while incorporating breathing techniques to calm their bodies and minds. Physical therapist Mrs. Rodrigues was instrumental in creating the movement break wall.