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WOOD8, Grand Rapids: RFK Jr ask: "Why are our kids the sickest in the world?"

Feb 17, 2023, WOOD TV, Grand Rapids, MI: To The Point: Robert Kennedy Jr, AG Nessel on healthcare


Kennedy: We have a chronic disease epidemic in this country. That makes us the sickest country in the world: of autoimmune diseases, of allergies, peanut allergies, food allergies, eczema, asthma, and neurological diseases, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, ticks, autism and obesity.

There is no other country in the world that is as sick as us and nobody’s asking the question, why are our kids the sickest in the world?

Why did we have the highest death rate from COVID of any country on Earth? We had 16 percent of the COVID deaths. We only have 4.2 percent of the world’s population.

If you ask CDC that question, what they’d say is that’s because Americans have the highest burden of chronic disease in the world.

We’re the sickest, and it’s costing us $4.3 trillion a year just to treat chronic disease.

Our military budget is $1.3 trillion. . . .

The cost of disease is sinking us, and we know what’s causing it. There’s a limited number of exposures. It has to be an environmental exposure.

Congress asked EPA, what year did the autism epidemic begin?

Why did it go from one in 10,000 in my generation? Seventy year old men, one in 10,000 have full-blown autism, one in 34 of my kids’ generation. Congress said to EPA, tell us what year that  happened.

EPA said 1989. It’s a red line. Well that year, that period, all these other autoimmune: juvenile diabetes— Juvenile diabetes now affects 30 percent of our children are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. When I was a kid, a pediatrician would see one diabetic kid in his entire career.

Now it’s one out of every three kids who walk into his office.

This is the greatest crisis of our time.

Why is no other candidate talking about this?

Kennedy was asked why that is.

It happened because of an environmental exposure. Genes don’t cause epidemic. It has to be an environmental toxin, and there’s a very famous toxicologist called Phil Landrigan who’s looked at the timeline and said, you need a toxin that was ubiquitous across the entire, every demographic in America from Cubans in Key Biscayne to Inuit in Alaska.

It all hit at the same time, and he’s come up with about thirteen possibilities, and most of these are substances that I’ve litigated against: glyphosate from Roundup, neonicotinoid pesticides, atrazine, which is now in almost all of our water supply.

High fructose corn syrup clearly is linked to the obesity epidemic, the diabetes epidemic in kids. 

The vaccine schedule you mentioned exploded from the three vaccines I had as a kid to the 72, and all of those injuries are listed as potential side effects on the manufacturer’s inserts of those products, so that has to be one of the culprits.

Cell phone radiation—there’s a limited number of them. The point is, it’s easy to study, but NIH will not do those studies because it’s frightened of offending the food industry, the processed food, the big agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry.

Those are all very powerful players, and nobody wants to get on their wrong side.

So we’re letting our country just sicken.


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