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WOOD TV, W. MI.: "Autism dx on the rise. . .mostly due to increased awareness"

Mar 28, 2024, WOOD TV, W. MI:  ‘Terrible’ waitlists for autism testing, diagnosis

Reporter Brittany Flowers: Autism diagnosis rates are on the rise in the U.S., but doctors say that’s mostly due to increased awareness.

Still, it’s more complicated to get a diagnosis than it is for many other health conditions.  . . .

Andy Hicks, parent of two with autism: The first one, before age two, we started noticing these milestones aren’t quite coming in exactly the right order. . . .

Reporter: For Hicks’ first child, it took nearly a year to get evaluated, so he feels for other parents going through this. . . .

Scott Halsted, Pine Rest provider: Our waitlist can be nine months, which is terrible. Nobody feels good about that.

Reporter: There’s a national shortage of providers. There’s also a lot more awareness.

Pine Rest has seen a 30 percent increase in referrals compared to 2020. .


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