Wisconsin: "More children ...are being diagnosed with autism"

Sept 2, 2017, WiscNews: With autism diagnoses on the rise, parents sort through treatment options More children in Wisconsin and around the country are being diagnosed with autism, in part because of a broadened definition of the developmental disorder and more awareness of it. With the increase in prevalence, treatments for the condition have become more widely available. ... One in 92 school-aged children in Wisconsin are identified as having autism spectrum disorder, according to the most recent estimate last year. That is lower than the national rate, of 1 in 68, but up from 1 in 102 in Wisconsin two years before. In 2010, the national rate was 1 in 110. In the Madison School District, 580 students had individualized education programs stemming from a primary disability of autism last school year, up from 356 a decade ago, a 63 percent increase, spokeswoman Liz Merfeld said.