Willmar, MN: $5M for improvements in SPED school; for "students with serious behavioral issues"

June 16, 2018, Willmar (MN) Tribune: Bonding money will remodel Cosmos school for special needs kids Cosmos, MN …That’s when places like the Cosmos Learning Center step in. It’s a public school classified as a federal Setting IV facility, which works with students with serious behavioral issues. The former elementary school in Cosmos, leased by the Southwest West Central Service Cooperative, will soon get a facelift thanks to $5 million in state bonding money from the 2018 Legislature…. There’s a waiting list for the programs, too, he said. The site on Willmar’s MinnWest Technology Campus is nearly doubling its capacity for the next school year and is already full. Rettmann said the program has an average of 180 students at all sites, and it has seen a 16 percent growth in the past few years. .. Students stay for varying amounts of time. Some kids are there for years, others for shorter time. “Our goal for every kid is to get them to transition back,” he said. The increase is probably due to an improvement in identifying students’ needs and perhaps because the conditions treated there are becoming a bit more prevalent, he said.