Wildwood, NJ: "26 percent are students with disabilities"

May 23, 2018, School funding shell game negatively affects low-income districts like mine Last spring, school districts received their state aid notices, approved their budgets and prepared for the 2017-18 school year. After finalizing their budgets, over 100 districts were told other districts needed more funding so some of their aid would be cut and sent to those other districts. …. My school district in Wildwood illustrates the negative impact on students if aid is cut again this year. Nearly 80 percent of our 936 students are low income, 22 percent are English language learners, and 26 percent are students with disabilities. These children require additional resources, including high quality preschool, bilingual programs, special education and intensive interventions for students academically behind their peers. J. Kenyon Kummings is superintendent of Wildwood Public Schools.