Wichita, KS: Schools face increase in discipline problems--with elementary students especially

August 3, 2017, KSN Wichita, KS: Wichita schools will focus on improving student behavior The Wichita school district plans to focus more on improving student behavior. According to district leaders, there’s data that shows, over the past four years, there’s been an increase in discipline problems — specifically in the elementary schools. Officials said the number of discipline incidents increased more than 53 percent, a number they’d like to see go down. According to the assistant superintendent of elementary schools, the district now wants to Something new the district will be focusing on includes having more social and emotional conversations with kids. ... One way the district plans to teach discipline is by changing their approach when a student does something wrong. Depending on the severity of the behavior, district leaders said school staff should problem-solve and talk through the behavior with the student.