Wichita, KS: High school "calming room" helps with "anxiety, anger, other emotions"

Mar 26, 2019, KAKE TV, Wichita, KS: Local high school creates calming room, sparks conversation of mental health with students Teachers and counselors at Maize South High School want to help students take a mental break from stress. Between worrying about grades, jobs, extra curricular activities, and the future, stress can add up leaving students feeling anxious and overwhelmed. The Mav-low's Calming Room opened its doors in February. It was once a simple testing room, and while it's still used for testing, the room has a whole new meaning. The room is now a safe haven for students struggling with anxiety, anger, and other emotions. It's complete with blankets and pillows, calming music, and dim lighting. Students can spend 15 to 20 minutes reflecting, coloring a picture, even throwing a few punches at a punching bag. Counselors say the point of the room is to teach students healthy ways to regulate big emotions and cope. "If we can be preventative and show them ways to cope before they have these big explosions of emotion, then they can be in a better place emotionally," said Maize South High School Counselor Lyndsey Brown….