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WI Dells: Theme park to host 'Sensory Days' for kids with autism

Noah’s Ark is designating three days this summer to accommodate guests on the autism spectrum.

A release from the waterpark indicated that on June 26, July 17, and August 14, the park will make some changes to its hours and sound to create a more comfortable environment. The park will open at 9 a.m., one hour earlier than its normal opening time, for families to experience quiet time prior to the midday rushes, reduce noise levels and visual stimulation, and provide two quiet relaxation areas.

"The idea actually came because one of our sister parks in New York works with their central autism society, so their partner reached out to us about possibly getting with the Wisconsin chapter," said Kristin Turnquist, Noah's Ark's marketing and sales director.

The changes will allow Noah’s Ark to create “a less crowded, supportive environment”. Staff at the park have been trained to assist guests on the spectrum.


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