(Western Australia) Soaring increase in self-harm in girls; some as young as nine

Aug 25, 2018, Perth Now: Self-harm to WA girls soars GIRLS are five times more likely than boys to be admitted to hospital with self-harm injuries, shock new figures reveal. More than 3000 WA children were admitted to hospital due to self-harm in the five years to 2017, with 2485 of these cases girls — a staggering 82.3 per cent. They included 67 pre-teens aged between nine and 12, the WA Health Department said. Hospital admissions included 198 13-year-olds, 426 14-year-olds, 688 15-year-olds, 822 16-year-olds and 817 17-year-olds. The number reached a five-year high of 693 in 2017 — a rate of almost two every day — with the average length of hospital stay four days. Mental health experts warned they were increasingly helping children with higher levels of anxiety and depression…. Dr Rao said there was a “cohort of young people” who self-harmed in non-lethal ways who would never attempt suicide. “Sadly there may be a cohort of people who self harm in non-lethal ways who will go on to attempt or complete suicide.”… Department of Education has provided schools with “guidelines for students with suicidal behaviour and non-suicidal self-injury”. A spokeswoman for the Department of Education said every public school had access to a school psychologists who were trained to assess suicide risk and monitor students.