Waynesboro, PA: Yoga teaches students "self-calming methods"

May 7, 2018, Waynesboro (PA) Record Herald: Yoga brings calm to the classroom …Laurel Life provides behavioral health services and trauma-informed care with specialized educational programs for children and adolescents across Franklin and parts of Adams counties. “We have students who have experienced some kind of trauma,” said Shawnna Burt, language arts teacher at Affinity. “We try to find ways for them to become centered and be able to focus.” The school started an experimental yoga group last fall. “This helps them regulate their behaviors so they can be in the moment and think through it,” Burt explained. … About a half dozen students voluntarily participate in the class each week. The objective of the program is for students to learn self-calming methods and use those techniques throughout their classes and in their daily lives. …

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