Washington State: "[Not] enough state money to pay for special education"

Aug 11, 2017, Seattle Times: Has Legislature solved McCleary? Not so fast School officials are still crunching the numbers, but many Washington school administrators suggest the state still won’t be paying the full cost of basic education. … District administrators across the state told this editorial board they are concerned they won’t have enough state money to pay for special education. For years, they have been using local levy dollars to fill in the gaps not covered by the state budget for this essential part of basic education. The court specifically wants the practice of using local levies to pay for basic education to stop. In Spokane, school budget officials estimate state dollars will still be between $2 million and $4 million a year short for covering special education. In Yakima, the district expects to be more than $5 million short. Seattle officials expect a gap of more than $50 million.