Washington State: 6 yr old severely beaten up by boys as young as 5; too young for charges

Aug 27, 2018, Fox Carolina: 6-year-old hospitalized after standing up to bullies, mom says A mother in Washington state said her 6-year-old son underwent emergency surgery after he stood up to a group of kids who were bullying his friend…. “They were just bullying him,” English told the station. “I just told them to stop… and they did it to me.” The 6-year-old said the kids beat him with rocks and sticks and even rubbed sawdust in his eyes. His mother, Dana English, said he ended up with a broken arm, lacerated eye and several cuts on his hands and face…. The boy underwent surgery at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle to repair the laceration in his eye following the attack. Dana said her son may also need surgery on his arm…. According to KOMO, police have identified the 5-year-old boy whom they believe started the fight. Criminal charges will not be pursued due to the age of everyone involved, but authorities said social services may look into the case.