Warren Cty, KY: Students bring "traumatic experiences...into the classroom"

Mar 16, 2018, Bowling Green (KY) Daily News: Schools move ahead with mental health efforts Christy Bryce, director of intervention for Warren County Public Schools, knows how damaging traumatic experiences can be on a child’s developing brain. “Children’s experiences determine which neural connections are kept and which are pruned,” she said. “So basically our brain is constructed based on our experiences.” Warren County Public Schools and the Bowling Green Independent School District are taking steps to train their staff to recognize and address the traumatic experiences students might bring into the classroom. “I think all educators realize that students are coming to school every day bringing a lot of tough situations with them,” Bowling Green schools Superintendent Gary Fields. This summer, Fields said his district will begin training school administrators, psychologists and classroom teachers in trauma-informed care practices. … Generally, the approach teaches educators to ask troubled students “What’s happened to you?” instead of “What’s wrong with you?” As many as 59 percent of Kentuckians have faced at least one adverse childhood experience, according to the Kentucky Department of Health’s Division of Maternal and Child Health. Adverse childhood experiences range from physical, emotional or sexual abuse to divorce or a parent’s incarceration, and research shows they can damage a child’s long-term health and well-being….