Warren Cty, KY: Schools adding therapy dogs; "comforting" for kids with anxiety or ASD

Aug 14, 2018, WBKO—TV, Bowling Green, KY: Therapy dogs promoting mental health at Warren County Schools Some schools across Warren County are implementing a four-legged approach to promoting mental and social health for students. Rich Pond Elementary is one of those schools in the Warren County Public School System that utilizes a school therapy dog. … "We can ask her to cuddle, give hugs," said Derick Marr, "she'll lay across the child, put her weight against the kid. That can especially be comforting for children who may be autistic or are on the spectrum." Having Molly around can also be beneficial to students who have anxiety about talking to adults, like in the event of a traumatic family event in which students need to meet with Social Services by themselves….