Walpole, MA: Classroom therapy dog helps "provide a calming effect in the classroom"

Sept 14, 2018, Walpole (MA) Wicked: Walpole group trains dogs to help those with disabilities Dogs trained by local nonprofit Golden Opportunities for Independence (GOFI) can be found filling several roles in the community - from working with schoolchildren to helping the disabled. … Hoegler said she trained golden retrievers because that’s what she knows - she was well aware of the breed’s temperament, health and longevity. As the breed is naturally inclined to please, she said, they can be ideal service dogs. Perhaps the most well-known of the GOFI dogs is Rebel, who works in the Walpole schools along with police officer Tommy Hart. In a day, Rebel might help a child who doesn’t want to come into school, or provide a calming effect in the classroom….