Wakefield, RI: District has new positions to "benefit students' mental health"

Mar 18, 2018, Wakefield, RI, Narragansett Times: Town council, school committee negotiate budget … Among those identified needs that would be included in a budget with a 2.93 percent PTT are the addition of a family community engagement (FCE) teacher, a SKHS career pathway/ internship teacher, a social emotional learning (SEL) teacher and a teacher assistant (TA) with a chauffeur license who could help transport families to IEP and 504 meetings. School committee member Kate Macinanti pointed out that each of those positions would benefit students’ mental health. “One of the big things that has been a hot topic since [the mass shooting in Florida last month] is the mental health wellbeing of our students,” Macinanti said. “I think all four of these positions feed into helping to solve that problem,” she continued. “They’re all related to social emotional learning… and making sure that [students] are being connected with so that they have the support system that they need in place K through 12.” School committee president Roland Benjamin added that the school committee agreed unanimously that those additions would be beneficial.