W. Virginia: House bill calls for psychologist for every 1,000 students

Mar 1, 2019, WTAP—TV, Parkersburg, WV: UPDATE: Local school officials react to proposed bill to expand mental health care in W.Va. schools CHARLESTON, W.Va. Reaction is pouring in over a bill going through West Virginia’s legislature that aims to expand mental health services in schools. House Bill 2397, now headed for the Senate, would require counties to hire at least one school psychologist for every 1,000 students between kindergarten and 7th grade. It also calls for more mental health services for students impacted by the drug epidemic. … “These children not only need counseling services but also they need to be taught coping skills and self-regulation skills and self-awareness skills that help them to cope and grow and learn not only in school but to prepare them for life.” Grewe said schools need more school counselors and social workers to work with parents and families. “My recommendation is this if the legislature truly wants to help they could do it two ways, one is to provide funding to the counties to address the mental health issues not just mental health issues but the emotional issues that these students are experiencing due to their life circumstances and then number two give the counties the liberty to determine how to use those funds based on their needs.”… "I support this bill because I know how important mental health is in our school systems, if our kids aren't able to focus in schools due to outside things that are happening they are not going to learn so if we don't start being proactive our kids aren't going to learn. The world today is different than it was 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and mental health is probably one of the most important things we can address for our kids right now.”