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W. Valley, AZ: ASD provider expands "because of need for autism-based care"

Sept 4, 2023, Goodyear, AZ: W. Valley News: Axis for Autism expands access to care for WV

Axis for Autism, an Arizona-based provider of autism evaluations and applied behavior analysis therapy for children and adults, is looking to improve access to autism care for West Valley families.

The company opened its Avondale clinic back in May and has ever since further filled a need.

“We actually had a pop-up clinic once a month (at the Avondale Elementary School District) last year throughout the year, and it just became pretty clear that they could use a little bit more, so we set up the permanent office just to sort of expand the capacity to be able to see more families every month,” said Dr. Morgan Hall, clinical director for Axis for Autism.

Companies providing autism-based care and diagnosis have been flocking to the West Valley of late, but Axis for Autism provides both….

Axis for Autism was started back in 2021, and the Avondale clinic is the company’s fifth — with other locations in Central Phoenix, Gilbert, Glendale and Tucson. Hall said the reason they have been able to grow so quickly is because of that need for autism-based care.

“I think there was a tremendous need, and we’ve worked really hard to build a team that works efficiently together,” Hall said. …

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 36 Arizona children has autism, which is up from 1 in 64 in 2008. Research shows that early interventions can improve a child’s overall development, from boosting social and language skills to mitigating behavioral challenges and improving IQ.


With all of this in mind, Axis for Autism works to speed up the diagnostic process….

Hall’s passion for autism care stems from the research behind it and the way it continues to develop.

“The understanding of autism continues to develop,” she said. “I’ve been working in this field for about 20 years, and you would think that somebody who’s been doing it this long would feel like they know everything, but that’s not the case. It’s something that we continue to learn about as a research community and as clinicians, and it’s just interesting to keep up with all of those developments.”…


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