Virginia: Bills for more SPED paras and mental health counselors

Jan 11, 2018, Warrenton, VA, Fauquier Now: Fauquier delegation files 82 bills in state legislature Del. Elizabeth Guzman As a public administrator, social worker and mother of four children who have gone through public schools in Prince William County, Ms. Guzman stresses the importance of education. “She has seen firsthand what happens if special education cases are not adequately given the staff support, so that’s one reason for a huge focus on special education and high school mental health counselors,” said Megan Harris, Ms. Guzman’s legislative assistant. Ms. Guzman has introduced 23 bills and two resolutions. They include: • HB 252– It would require each high school to employ at least one mental health counselor for every 250 students. • HB 253– This bill states that the maximum caseload for each full-time special education aide would be five students.