(Vietnam) "Rapid increase" in kids with ASD; schools/teachers unprepared

Dec 10, 2018,Viet Nam News: Children with autism being left behind At the end of November, Nguyễn Tài Ph., a four-year-old boy with autism in Trực Ninh District, Nam Định Province was found tied to a classroom window as his teacher was unable to control him. The incident triggered public uproar over the teacher’s actions and also raised the question of Việt Nam’s capacity to offer special needs education for children with autism, disabilities and developmental delays. According to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, by mid-2018, the country had 200,000 autistic people. The number of children diagnosed with autism has witnessed a rapid increase over the last decade. Phạm Minh Mục from the Việt Nam National Institute of Educational Sciences told Tuổi trẻ (Youth) newspaper that in 2007 the number of autistic children received by National Pediatric Hospital was 50 times higher than seven years before. However, as many Vietnamese have little knowledge of the disorder, the true number may be even higher. Lê Đình Tuấn, director of the Centre for Vocational Guidance and Helping Kids in Integrating Learning, said one of the biggest challenges for children with autism in Việt Nam was that the disorder was not officially recognised as a disability. … As there is no recognition for children with autism, public schools have no responsibility to offer them special education…. Schools receiving children with autism have been asked to train their teachers on special needs education. According to Mục, every kindergarten or school needs at least one inclusion teacher to support students with special needs….