Vestal, NY: Students create 'mindful calming jars' for autistic students; provide "calming effect"

Mar 24, 2018, Fox40, Vestal NY: Glitter Fun Helps Students Learn Mindfulness Students of Evertech Academy, an alternative high school, teamed up to help students with autism in the Oak Tree Program at BOCES to create “mindful calming jars,” used to help manage feelings. … Mindful calming jars, also known as glitter bottles, sparkle jars, or anything a child wants to call it, provide a calming effect from watching the glitter settle. It helps kids learn to manage their strong feelings by watching their thoughts and feelings, represented by the glitter, settle and become calm again. … For the month of March the district is trying to get as many students as possible to take part in a mindful practice in class as part of the "Mindful March Movement."