Vermont: State panel to study childhood trauma; effects on SPED increase

Sept 8, 2017, Vermont Lawmakers Examining How The State Addresses Childhood Trauma

As research shows an increasingly powerful correlation between childhood trauma and addiction, incarceration and even early death, a new legislative panel is trying to improve the state’s response to the issue. It’s been nearly 20 years since a landmark study quantified the long-term impact of childhood traumas, but not everybody thinks the social science has gotten the spotlight it deserves. “Bottom line, what we’re trying to do is help spread the word so more people know about this, and we can build more support for better treatments of this,” says Putney Rep. Mike Mrowicki. Mrowicki is the chairman of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Working Group.

It’s a panel of six Vermont lawmakers, created in the last legislative session, that is meeting this summer and fall. “Research is showing that the effects of childhood trauma can be what’s driving the populations in special education, childhood health problems, adult chronic care, addiction, mental health and our prison populations,” Mrowicki says.