USA Today: Georgia middle school student caught on video hitting a student with a chair

Jan 26, 2018, USA Today: Middle schooler faces criminal charges after hitting student with chair in shocking video Lawrenceville, GA: A middle school student is facing criminal charges after a video showing her hitting a fellow classmate with a chair went viral. Gwinnett County Schools confirmed the a video that circulated on social media showing a 7th grade girl hitting another with a chair and then again hitting the victim with her hand was one of their students. The incident happened on Jan. 22 at Creekland Middle School during the end of the school day. The school system said the victim reported the incident to an administrator after it occurred. In the video, a girl in a pink shirt sits at her desk with her head down as another student prods her with a chair. The student appears to start crying and the student who hit her with the chair comes back and strikes her with her hand. … In addition to disciplinary action, the student is also facing criminal charges. … The school district said this behavior is not acceptable and took immediate action.