*(UK) Yahoo News: Children who are traumatized are "more likely to be a perpetrator of violence"

April 11, 2018, (UK) Yahoo News: To Successfully Tackle Violence, We Need Early Intervention … One critical element is understanding the deep impact of trauma on children. Research has shown that the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have a lasting effect on the emotional, psychological and physical health of children and that those with 4 or more ACEs are much more at risk of a range of negative outcomes including being eight times more likely to be a perpetrator of violence…. There is a mainstream consensus about the importance of “early intervention” but the reality is that help is still not always early enough. In recent days we have heard much about the importance of reaching disaffected young people - but support needs to start much sooner. The National Crime Agency reports that children as young as 12 are involved in County Lines activity (travelling out of London to sell drugs in out of town locations), whilst the Children’s Commissioner highlights younger children taking bigger risks as they are less likely to be noticed and searched. We know from our work that vulnerable children can be targeted by gangs even at primary school so we must reach out to them and their families early on.