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(UK) Wolverhampton: Special school adds 2 new buildings to "meet [ASD] demand"

Dec 16, 2022, Birmingham Live: Special school in Wolverhampton to get temporary classrooms

W. Midlands

Two new buildings for academy to meet demand for pupil places

Plans to build two temporary classrooms at a special education needs (SEND) school in Wolverhampton to meet a rise in demand for pupil places have been given the go-ahead. Broadmeadow Special School in Lansdowne Road, West Park, has increased pupil places from 54 to 75.

The school caters for SEND children aged 3-11, including those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities. The proposal is a temporary solution whilst an alternative location is sought to build a new school once capacity goes beyond 75 pupils, in line with demand. The estimated cost of the work is £800,000 [$964K].

Councillor Chris Burden (Lab. Fallings Park), cabinet member for education and skills, told this week's cabinet meeting: "I'm bringing a request for approval for us to proceed with our proposal for the expansion of Broadmeadow Special School in order to meet pupil needs and demands across the city, and also locally in Park ward. It's the responsibility of the local authority to ensure that we've got sufficient good school places for all pupils in the city - and that is especially important when it comes to considering our children with special educational needs (SEND) and disabilities, which is why this paper has come here.

"For context, Broadmeadow is an academy special school in the city that in 2019 was rated 'good' by Ofsted. It originally provided 54 places to students in the city but that has recently increased to 75 to meet the demand that we have. In order to do this, there is a need for additional accommodation within the school grounds for teaching and learning spaces and the various other spaces associated with special education needs. …

Broadmeadow Special School in Lansdowne Road, West Park, Wolverhampton


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