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(UK) Wishaw: Dad removes autistic sons from elem school after years of bullying

Mar 8, 2022, Daily Record: Dad takes kids out of Lanarkshire primary school after 'years of bullying'

N. England A Wishaw dad claims he had to remove his sons from a local primary school after they were “bullied for years”. The concerned parent, who does not wish to be named, removed his children from the education facility after a series of alleged incidents at the school involving a group of boys. And he says the issues were so traumatic that his eldest child began to self-harm and even contemplate suicide. Speaking to Lanarkshire Live dad said: “My eldest son has autism and has had a really hard time. “He has talked about suicide, stabbed himself with a pencil and was starving himself. “A group of 11 boys subjected him to a homophobic attack. My son wouldn’t fight back, so he needs protection and he wasn’t getting it. “He was then assaulted so badly that other parents had to intervene. He was left with numerous injuries. “My eldest son is deeply traumatised and the younger ones were terrified.” The dad says he catalogued a number of shocking incidents over several years which he claims pushed his children to the limit….


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