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(UK) Wirral: 'Government's recent 5 yr autism strategy...needs to be funded properly'

Mar 12, 2022, Liverpool Echo: Signs of autism in babies, toddlers and adults and when to speak to your GP

NW England Autism is a condition that affects the way a person communicates and interacts…. Tom Purser, head of volunteering, guidance and campaigns at the National Autistic Society told the ECHO: "Almost everyone has heard of autism now…. The MyWirral newsletter will bring you news from across the borough in a way you’ve never had before…. "The Government’s recent five-year autism strategy for England promises to tackle many of these issues. But it needs to be funded properly to make a real difference to autistic people and their families." While awareness of autism is growing, some do not know some of the early signs of the condition and others aren't diagnosed until well into adulthood. Former Miss Liverpool, Christine McGuinness was diagnosed with autism at the age of 33 and has spoken of her relief and difficulties she has faced. This not only highlighted the condition, but also some of the difficulties recognising autism in girls and woman….

Early signs of autism can be seen in babies and toddlers


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