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(UK) Wigan: "Five of six special schools overcapacity" by 4,000 students

May 1, 2024, Wigan Today: Several special schools in Wigan are overcrowded

NW England

Several special schools in Wigan were over capacity last academic year, new figures show.

Data from the Department for Education shows nearly two-thirds of special schools were full or overcrowded across England – with a union warning a lack of funding is letting down children.

The figures show five of the six special schools in Wigan were over capacity in the 2022-23 school year, although Hope School is in the process of moving from its old base at Hawkley Brook to new and improved premises at the former Central Park education site in Pemberton.

There are further moves to improve special education premises in the borough in the coming months and years too.

Across England, 63 per cent of 1,077 special schools had at least met capacity, with around 4,000 more pupils than places.


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