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(UK) Whaplode: Couple wants to open special school for 32 students/15 staff

Aug 19, 2023, Spalding Today: Whaplode couple apply to turn home into special educational needs (SEN) school

E. England

A couple in Whaplode have asked for planning permission to turn their house into a day school for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Mr L and Mrs D Seragusa, of DPS Education, applied to extend and alter Dorcette House in Little Lane, to create a new facility.

The school would provide ‘specialist therapeutic care’ for children with specific educational requirements.

It aims to cater for pupils who generally are unable to progress in a standard school setting.

The applicants say they have lived in Rutland for 20 years working in SEN schools there.

Documents submitted with the application state: “We will provide a therapeutic school that will promote the social, emotional, and educational development of each young person, in an idyllic rural setting, to allow the pupils to embrace the environment and nature to support their learning and individual needs….

The school would employ between 12 and 15 staff, some full time and some part time and the anticipated number of students would be 32, with an age range from five to 16 years covering Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4….

South Holland District Council has not yet made a decision on the application.


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