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(UK) Weymouth: 11 yr old ASD student could wait over a year for school place

Sept 8, 2020, Dorset Echo: Child with special educational needs may not receive adequate school placement for up to a year (SW England) A CHILD with complex special educational needs from Weymouth has been unable to find a school placement with adequate provision - with his mother warned he could be waiting up to a year before one is found. Children across the county are now returning to the classrooms following lockdown and summer holidays, but 11-year-old Jacob Porter – who has autism, hypotonia, hypermobility problems and suspected dyspraxia – has not been offered a place with the facilities his mother says is required to cater for his needs. The Department for Education has confirmed to Jacob's mother that there is currently no school placement available and that he may have to wait as long as a year before receiving a suitable place. Jacob is currently viewed as two years behind his peers academically, while occupational therapy assessments have categorised him as young as three-years-old. Jacob’s mother, Tracy Porter said she had tried on numerous occasions to get in contact with education bosses for further advice, but said she had not yet received an adequate response. … She said: “The autism base at the school is designed to help children with mild Asperger’s and autism. Jacob needs one-to-one attention; he can’t dress himself, he’s unable to cross roads and is supervised around the clock. “It’s evident mainstream schools can’t provide the attention that he needs. As he has got older he required more and more support.” …


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