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(UK) Walsall: Elem school wants "cabin" to handle "increasing number" of SPED

August 5, 2021, Birmingham Live: Cabin plan in playground to boost special needs education at Walsall school Central England

A cabin could be installed at a Walsall primary school to help it cater for an increasing number of children with special needs. Lower Farm Primary has put forward a proposal to Walsall Council planners to introduce a hut on the school playground in Bakewell Close which will act as a base to provide specialist support for pupils. The school said there are a number of youngsters with "complex" special needs on the roll with more due to start in September. The base will be close to the Early Years classrooms and enable them to be included in activities with other pupils at certain times of the day. Headteacher Sarah Milner said: "The need for this provision on site is in response to the higher numbers of children in school with more complex special needs…. "The needs of these children would often be better met in a special school. However, Walsall has a severe shortage of special school places for younger children. "There are also older children in school with significant learning difficulties who will benefit from this resource….


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