(UK) Wales schools use yoga to keep kids CALM; controversy over claims

Aug 10, 2018, WalesOnline: The big row that's erupted over kids doing yoga in a Welsh school It’s supposed to help people calm down but yoga in a village school is causing heated debate among teachers and inspectors. In an “effective practice” report Wales’ school inspectorate body Estyn said yoga in the classroom had improved pupils’ behaviour and concentration since being introduced at Ysgol Brynsierfel in Llwynhendy near Llanelli. But critics, including teachers and academics, have taken to Twitter saying there is no research evidence and Estyn should not be promoting the practice to other The schools inspectorate body’s report, 'Using yoga to raise standards of behaviour and improve concentration skills' said: “Yoga sessions at Ysgol Gynradd Brynsierfel promote mindfulness and help pupils to relax, calm down and socialise. "These sessions have improved concentration skills, foster resilience and encourage pupils to engage with learning.” Yoga sessions are held throughout the 206-pupil school at different times of the day to “promote the mindfulness of pupils and staff”, the document adds…. But parent and governor of the school, Jason Hart, said the remarks and criticism were “over the top”. He said his two children, aged eight and five, who attended the school and other pupils, enjoyed the yoga sessions and were noticeably calmer afterwards. Local AM Lee Waters also supported the yoga sessions, saying he could testify to their calming effects. After visiting the school and taking part in one of the yoga sessions, he said it was a “brilliant initiative” which teachers had proved had helped have a positive impact on behaviour and concentration. … “We are confident that the practices we share in our case studies have had a positive impact in a school and could be taken forward by other schools. “We encourage schools to work together to share practice and learn from each other. Our inspection reports also provide wider context about the impact of strategies outlined in case studies