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(UK) Wales: 7 yr old waiting years for autism/ADHD diagnosis; exiled from school

May 3, 2022, Express: Boy, 7, cannot read and write as he's never spent a whole day at school


Louie Lee has been waiting years for a diagnosis of his special educational needs and behavioural issues and his mum Michelle Cassemis feels he has been "let down by the system". No school can be found for Louie, who can only count up to 20, until his diagnosis so, since July last year, he's been at home. Michelle cannot work as a hairdresser as a result and is now desperate for help. The mum of three told Wales Online she is “heartbroken” that her youngest child has no school friends and has been effectively denied the help he needs. She said: "He has been sent a private tutor at home but that didn’t work either. I have been told so many things he might have, but he has had no diagnosis. "I have been told he seems to have autism or ADHD. We have been back and forth to the doctors for three years. The headteacher of his school was amazing. I can’t say a bad word about her, but she was in a position where it was not possible to keep Louie in school…. Cardiff Council said a child’s needs don’t depend on diagnosis. A spokesperson said: “Cardiff Council’s education services will always endeavour to respond to a child’s needs and this is not dependent on a diagnostic process.

Michelle Cassemi is pictured with her son Louie Lee, who cannot read or write (


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