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(UK) Wales: 45 parents protest Welsh government over lack of autism services

June 4, 2019, Rhyl, Prestatyn and Abergele Journal: Parents join together in Rhyl as part of SEND National Crisis protest for autism school funding PARENTS of children with autism have joined together in a "miracle" gathering to protest the lack of accessibility to special education. As part of the nationwide Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) National Crisis Protest, 45 people from across North Wales gathered on Rhyl High Street to call on the Welsh Government and Westminster for more funding for vulnerable children with disabilities and additional requirements. As part of the march - organised by Prestatyn parent Sarah Davies and the members of the Prestatyn Pop-in Centre support group -Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane received a signed petition containing the objectives of the group to take to parliament and forward on to the Welsh Government. Veronica Wells, founder of the Pop-in centre's Autism parental support group, said: "As much as calling on the government to make sure that these children get the education they deserve and aren't left behind, it's so important for the parents to be seen in public together. "Having a child with autism is so isolating for these parents, and it saddens me that they and their children aren't getting the support they deserve. "So many other parents wanted to come and be seen with us, but when you have a child with autism it can be impossible to leave the house if they are having a meltdown. to be honest, being able to gather 45 parents in one place like this is a miracle." Mr Ruane said: “Of course far more needs to be done to improve the level and financing of services for children with disabilities and also the level of support offered to their families.” “This starts at UK government level, and then filters down through Welsh Government and on to local authorities but all of these have a role to play in addressing this issue. “Parents of children with disabilities shouldn’t have to continually fight for additional support for their child or children when they have so many other, more important issues, to focus their energy on. “The Autism Support Group, which meets every Wednesday at 1pm at Prestatyn Pop-In Centre, has played a big role in helping to highlight these issues, locally and nationally and I would like to congratulate them – and Veronica Wells and Jonathan White from the Pop-In for all the work they do in campaigning for better services and activities for children with disabilities and their families. “Those who are in a position to address this should be listening and doing all they can to improve the situation.” The Pop In Centre's support group for parents of children with autism and additional requirements meets every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm.


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