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(UK) W. Yorkshire: New career program for 60,000 SPED students; cost: $80K

Dec 21, 2021, Telegraph and Argus: SEND 'alumni network' to be expanded in West Yorkshire

N. England A NEW PROJECT TO SUPPORT THE 60,000 YOUNG PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND DISABILITIES LIVING IN WEST YORKSHIRE HAS BEEN LAUNCHED. WITH FUNDING FROM THE NATIONAL BODY FOR CAREERS EDUCATION, THE CAREERS & ENTERPRISE COMPANY, THE LEEDS CITY REGION ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP THROUGH ITS LEEDS CITY REGION CAREERS HUB WILL ROLL OUT A NEW PROGRAMME TO BRING TOGETHER DISABLED ADULTS WITH THEIR FORMER SCHOOLS. Last year the Careers Hub, part of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, launched a SEND Alumni Toolkit to support local schools and colleges to help their SEND students prepare for the world of work, by bringing in their alumni who have gone through similar experiences. Launched in April 2021, this resource is now used nationally by SEND schools and colleges as best practice. The SEND alumni toolkit is a resource that supports schools and colleges in establishing their own SEND Alumni Network. It allows students with SEND to be mentored, inspired, and motivated by ex-students who have gone on to achieve successful careers and further education outcomes. This month the project will expand further, with £60,000 [$80K] of funding from The Careers & Enterprise Company….


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