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(UK) W. Sussex: 1,500 surplus primary places while ADDING SPED places

Dec 5, 2022, Argus: West Sussex County Council's plans for Worthing and Durrington schools

SE England

A council has revealed draft plans to axe hundreds of unfilled primary school places, including the possible merger of three schools.

West Sussex County Council is considering a raft of reforms to “improve” education in Worthing and Durrington and remove 953 currently unfilled primary school places across the borough.

It also wants to increase primary places for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Across Worthing and Durrington, there are around 1,500 surplus primary places, meaning around 17 per cent of all available primary places are not currently being used-the equivalent to five average-sized primary schools being left empty in the Worthing borough, the council said. …

Under the proposals, the council said most schools would see either no change or have a reduction in the overall number of school places….

The council now wants to hear the views of residents on the following proposals:

Creating a new 21-place primary special support centre for children with social communication needs, on the Chesswood Road site. This would incorporate the nine places currently at Lyndhurst.
Creating a new eight-place special support centre for children with special educational needs and disabilities, on either the Downsbrook Primary Academy site or the Whytemead Primary School site.

Nigel Jupp, cabinet member for learning and skills, said: “These proposals are to help schools come closer to achieving full classes to reduce their financial pressures and have the resources to give children the best start in life.

“Our proposals also explore opportunities to increase places for children with special educational needs and disabilities in the area, to help meet a growing demand.

“We look forward to hearing from parents, carers, pupils, and those involved in education, who live in the Worthing and Durrington area and across the county.”

People can have their say on the proposals at your until midnight on January 20.


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