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(UK) W. Lothian counseling center moves to bigger spot to keep up with demand

July 28, 2021, Daily Record: West Lothian children's mental health service moves premises to cope with demand

Scotland A West Lothian counselling service for young people has moved to bigger premises to cope with demand. S.M.I.L.E Counselling have been operating in West Lothian for the past six years and have just moved out of their old offices in Bathgate into a bigger unit in Livingston. They have supported over 500 children and young people with individual therapy and offered over 4500 counselling hours Already in the first six months of this year, S.M.I.L.E. Counselling has offered 61 per cent more appointments, compared to last year. A significant number of the referrals have come through their network with schools but now they hope that larger premises in Livingston will allow for additional non-school referrals…. “It will enable us to offer four times the amount of counselling we previously could with also a sensory room for children with neurodiverse needs and a training space to deliver mental health training…."


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