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(UK) W. Blatchington: $128K for school renovations; key focus, ASD facility

July 31, 2023, West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School celebrate renovated outdoors classroom and outside space

SE England

The Trust, which has partnered with West Blatchington, paid approximately £100,000 [$128K] to renovate the Brighton primary school’s outside areas and learning spaces.

A key focus of the work was to renovate the school’s Autism Spectrum Condition facility to ensure these children are able to learn and develop in the most supportive and safe environment possible.

The work also remodelled the school’s Early Years Foundation Stage facilities so the youngest children can get off to the best possible start.

The renovations have also transformed the school’s outdoors areas, providing new playground equipment, trees and remodelled natural spaces, as well as a walkway around the playground. The building work has also created a space for outdoor learning, so that Brighton children can become more in tune with nature while developing their learning….

Autism Spectrum Condition Facility Outside Area (Photo: Submitted)


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