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(UK) Torbay: Council get $2.5M for SPED places in mainstream, special schools

Mar 27, 2024,  £1.9m [$2.5M] Torbay Special Needs Education Funding Boost  

SW England

Torbay’s MP Kevin Foster has welcomed the news Torbay Council is set to benefit from £1,993,620 [$2.5M] of funding to ensure children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and alternative provision (AP) receive an education which meets their needs in high-quality environments for the years to come.

Earlier this year Kevin spoke out in the House of Commons about SEND funding and wider issues affecting the children with disabilities in Torbay. These included waiting times for a diagnosis with the NHS for conditions such as autism, how the current funding for SEND interacts with a 90% attendance target to receive it (Given the disabilities of some pupils being supported), future funding for family hubs and what knowledge of (and training for) SEND issues we expect across all teaching staff.

The Conservative Government are investing a record annual £850 million [$1B] in councils to create new places for young people with SEND and AP in mainstream and special schools. This will provide specialist support for children with autism, learning difficulties, mobility difficulties, and more to meet their extra needs.

This marks a tripling in previous levels of investment with this £2.6 billion package from 2022 to 2025.

Commenting, Kevin Foster MP said: “I want every child within our bay to have the same opportunity to meet their potential, so it is vital children with SEND and AP get the support and resources they need. This additional funding will help boost the services they rely on and make a difference for local children.”


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