(UK) "Three children in every class have a mental health condition"

Aug 24, 2017, UK New Scientist: Stressed out GCSE kids need more mental health help As teenagers across much of the UK get their GCSE exam results, there is an acute sense that the pressure on them to succeed from a young age has been growing. That is perhaps one reason we are in the midst of a mental health crisis in our schools. This is why the announcement that 100,000 teenagers in England and Wales will get extra guidance on this aspect of their wellbeing is extremely welcome. ... But given the scale of the problem – an estimated three children in every class have a mental health condition – is this enough? ... The prime minister’s announcement, which will also see 10,000 NCS staff receive mental health training to provide the course, is a very encouraging start. However, with half of all mental health problems manifesting by the age of 14, and teachers concerned about the mental health of students as young as young as 4, it is clear that we need to start these conversations at a younger age and across the board.