(UK) Third of kids fail government standardized test; exam causes "stress and anxiety"

July 10, 2018,Telegraph: Third of children have not mastered Three Rs, as schools minister blames headteachers for pupils’ 'nightmares' A third of children have not mastered the three Rs, as the schools minister blames headteachers for pupils’ exam “nightmares”. The Sats results, which are used in annual school league tables, showed that 36 per cent of primary school pupils in England failed to meet the Government's expected standard in reading, writing and maths. … He said he does not recognise reports of children experiencing stress and anxiety, adding: “I speak to head teachers all the time when I visit schools, and they don’t put children under pressure because you don’t get the best out of children if you put them under that kind of pressure…. “These Sats introduced in 1990s in order to ensure that we can identify schools that are under-performing and are not delivering this high quality education. That’s the purpose of the Sats.” Nine in ten primary school teachers said the Sats are detrimental to children’s well-being, according to a poll of 1,200 teachers conducted by the National Education Union…. Another said: “We see children in highly anxious states, sometimes vomiting because of pressure. More children displaying signs of poor mental health and we do not put pressure on our children.” Pupils at our school have cried, had nightmares and have changed in behaviour due to the pressure on themTeacher's response to NEU poll … Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said: “Despite the hard work of teachers and pupils, over a third of 11-year-olds will arrive in secondary schools in September labelled as ‘below the expected standard’.”