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(UK) Thetford: ASD services expanding due to $160M funding increase; Principal 'very pleased'

Mar 9, 2021, Thetford and Brandon Times: Specialist school places for children with autism open in town
(East England) Specialist support for children with autism has become available at two schools in Thetford. The specialist resource bases (SRBs), as part of Norfolk County Council’s investment in special educational needs, are set to welcome their first students. Redcastle Primary School and Thetford Academy, part of the Inspiration Trust, have introduced newly refurbished accommodation, extra staffing and professional support to enable children and young people with autism to thrive in a mainstream school environment. Both bases are open for up to 10 children initially. ... Dan Carter, principal of Thetford Academy, said: “I am very pleased to be opening our new SRB at Thetford Academy. “Our community has needed access to these specialist places for children with autism spectrum disorder for a while and I'm glad we've been able to work together with Norfolk County Council to make this happen." ... Hundreds of new SRB places are being created across the county under the council’s £120m [$160M] Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Action Plan transformation programme. ... "I am delighted that children, young people and their families will have the opportunity to access the extra support specialist resource base schools can provide, including the autism-friendly refurbished accommodation.”


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